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Bentonite Granules

Bentonite Granules

We furnish high grades of White Bentonite Granules in the market. The White Calcium Bentonite Granules are an absorbent aluminum phyllosilicate, which are generally an impure clay consisting montmorillonite.

  • We make Bentonite Granules available in both powder as well as lump forms.
  • Our white Bentonite Granules are extensively used for oil well drilling and ceramic body composition.


Bentonite Raw Granules
We offer Bentonite Raw Granules that are used in the fertilizer industry. Bentonite Raw Granules act as pesticides and micronutrients for agro-chemical manufacturing companies. The Bentonite Raw Granules offer more benefits than just manure to the farmer. Bentonite Granules are best known for improving the soil organic carbon content.



  • Better moisture retention
  • Effective pesticide action
  • Contains good percentage of micro nutrients



  • Farmers
  • Agro industries